The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Using Digital Heat Transfers

Carbon Footprint Digital Heat Transfers

Choosing the digital heat transfer process over outdated printing methods is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Product decoration hasn’t always been easy, much less environmentally friendly. The use of messy chemicals, harsh inks, and time-consuming processes made it difficult to produce fast, affordable, eco-friendly results. Now, digital heat transfers prove to be the most efficient way to decorate virtually any substrate. Let’s talk about how manufacturers and ad specialty companies alike can start going green by employing the use of digital heat transfers.

Go Digital to Make a Difference

Going digital is one of the easiest and most progressive ways you can benefit our planet. From choosing to receive your bank statements online instead of on paper, to choosing digital heat transfers to decorate your vast order of promotional products – you’re making a positive difference. If you are a brand or business owner, it works tremendously in your favor to be as eco-friendly as possible. Going green in 2016 is a great way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint! Not only is it great for the environment, but it will earn the attention of a much larger consumer market.

How Digital Heat Transfers Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here at CDigital, we take pride in our digital heat transfer process for various reasons. From the start, we work with a digital format of your desired transfer image. We can modify the image as many times as we need to before finalizing it, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and high quality full-color results. Here’s more of the eco-friendly features and benefits of digital heat transfers:

  • Water-based adhesives
  • Recyclable film
  • Dry process – no messy ink or harsh chemicals
  • Variable data capabilities
  • Quick turnaround – affordable short runs
  • Extreme durability

Fast and Eco-Friendly Product Decoration with CDigital

Since 2001, CDigital has been an innovator in developing new systems and processes for using digital print technology to produce full color digital heat transfers for the product decoration industry. Because we are both local and fully digital, we can turn jobs around faster and for less money than both overseas printers and local screen or pad printers.

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