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Quick and Affordable Commercial Decoration with CDigital

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Digital heat transfers make for photo quality labels that stand out for all the right reasons. Elevate your brand today!

Whether you want to decorate commercial supplies, equipment, glassware, promotional items, metal canisters, or large containers, digital heat transfers provide the ideal image transfer method. Keep reading to learn more about quick and affordable commercial decoration with the industry experts at CDigital. (more…)

How do Digital Heat Transfers Work? Our 3-Step Process

Friday, December 9th, 2016
CDigital provides a fast, affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient way to decorate products.

CDigital provides a fast, affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient way to decorate products using durable digital heat transfers.

Are you having trouble wrapping your head around how the digital heat transfer process works? Have no fear! The experts at CDigital are here to break it down for you. Our advanced equipment and technological process makes it possible for us to produce impeccable digital heat transfers that will adhere seamlessly to your part or product for years to come. We offer an incredibly fast, affordable, and efficient method for product decoration that includes short run printing benefits. Keep reading to learn more about our 3-step process. (more…)

Why Choose CDigital for Your Digital Heat Transfer Needs?

Friday, November 25th, 2016
Digital Heat Transfers

Since 2001, CDigital has been an innovator in developing new systems and processes for using digital print technology to produce transfers for product decoration.

Here at CDigital, we take the printing and product decoration industry very seriously. We hold our expert staff to a high standard of excellence to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with your digital heat transfer order. Digital heat transfers are the most efficient and affordable way to decorate various substrates, including glass, ceramics, metal, plastics, vinyl, plywood, cosmetic tubes, and more. Find out why we are the best choice for your digital heat transfer needs. (more…)

Product Decoration Inspiration Using Digital Heat Transfers

Thursday, October 20th, 2016
digital heat transfer hockey puck

Hockey pucks in play get a lot of action! Did you know that digital heat transfers can outlast extreme temperatures and aggressive wear and tear without chipping or fading?

If the digital heat transfer process is fairly new to you, you may be wondering, “What in the world could I decorate using digital heat transfers?” Don’t fret, the expert staff at CDigital is here to shed some light on just how versatile and accommodating digital decorating can be. If you are a manufacturer or ad specialty company, you will be happy to know that our dry, eco-friendly process is also incredibly fast – allowing for affordable short run printing! Let’s talk product decoration. (more…)

What Types of Substrates are Ideal for Digital Heat Transfers?

Friday, October 14th, 2016
Regardless of the shape or size of your product, our versatile digital heat transfers will adhere seamlessly!

Regardless of the shape or size of your product, our versatile digital heat transfers will adhere seamlessly for a stunning finished product.

If you have been keeping up with our CDigital blog, then you know by now that our digital heat transfer process is ideal for decorating virtually any substrate. Just in case you needed some more clarification, we are here to provide you with a list of acceptable substrates so you can start getting creative with your product decoration ideas. Remember: Our eco-friendly digital process delivers unmatched quality and durability in comparison to outdated printing methods. (more…)

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Using Digital Heat Transfers

Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Carbon Footprint Digital Heat Transfers

Choosing the digital heat transfer process over outdated printing methods is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Product decoration hasn’t always been easy, much less environmentally friendly. The use of messy chemicals, harsh inks, and time-consuming processes made it difficult to produce fast, affordable, eco-friendly results. Now, digital heat transfers prove to be the most efficient way to decorate virtually any substrate. Let’s talk about how manufacturers and ad specialty companies alike can start going green by employing the use of digital heat transfers. (more…)

Advances in Heat Transfer Printing: Pad Heat Transfers

Friday, September 2nd, 2016
Digital Printing

Digital printing is a four color process (plus white), high definition 1200 dpi that is capable of hitting over 10,000,000 colors – WITHOUT the messy cleanup! Find out how our process works with pad heat transfers!

It can be difficult for manufacturers and ad specialty companies to trust that they are using the most efficient and effective methods for product decoration. After all, with constant technological advances and so many printing options to choose from, how do you choose which is best? Let’s discuss the latest changes in pad transfer machines and how pad heat transfers and digital heat transfers can work together to deliver stunning results. (more…)

Quick Turn Benefits with Digital Heat Transfers

Friday, July 8th, 2016
ceramic mug

If you need a short run printing solution that produces vibrant images and seamless adhesives, we can help!

Fast, fast, fast – the business world seems to increasingly revolve around speed and convenience, and can you blame it? These factors can make or break relationships between businesses and their consumers. Manufacturers and ad speciality companies are constantly pushing for a greater ability to make short runs, and for good reason. Digital heat transfers offer a solution with quick turn benefits that other printing methods simply cannot compete with. Let’s talk about why it’s in your best interest to go digital for product decoration.

Make the Switch From Screen Printing to Digital Heat Transfers

Monday, June 27th, 2016
Digital Printing

Screen printing requires a different screen for each color. Digital printing is a four color process (plus white), high definition 1200 dpi that is capable of hitting over 10,000,000 colors – WITHOUT the messy cleanup! Make the switch.

In the world of product decoration, manufacturers and ad speciality companies have several methods to choose from. However, not all of these methods deliver the same results or are ideal for every product. Screen printing has been around for decades, so it comes as no surprise that many people employ this method – but it’s time for you to embrace the future of printing and make a switch if you do. Let’s discuss the benefits of switching from screen printing to digital heat transfers for product decoration. (more…)

Digital Heat Transfers Deliver Durable Metal Product Decoration

Friday, June 10th, 2016
Affordable Short Runs

Digital heat transfer technology has made metal product decoration more affordable and convenient than ever before!

Metal product decoration hasn’t always been easy – much less affordable. Traditional metal decoration methods were time consuming and offered little to no versatility. The most challenging aspect of these outdated methods is their inability to accommodate short runs. At CDigital, we can provide on-demand metal decoration for manufacturers and ad companies who need a short run printing solution! How? Using our digital heat transfers! Let us tell you more. (more…)

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