Why Choose CDigital for Your Digital Heat Transfer Needs?

Digital Heat Transfers

Since 2001, CDigital has been an innovator in developing new systems and processes for using digital print technology to produce transfers for product decoration.

Here at CDigital, we take the printing and product decoration industry very seriously. We hold our expert staff to a high standard of excellence to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with your digital heat transfer order. Digital heat transfers are the most efficient and affordable way to decorate various substrates, including glass, ceramics, metal, plastics, vinyl, plywood, cosmetic tubes, and more. Find out why we are the best choice for your digital heat transfer needs.

Stunning True Process Color and Hi-Def Photo-Quality Images

Our presses utilize four colors plus white to print digital heat transfers with an eye-popping array of colors. Our digital process makes it possible to print complex, multi-color images without limitations. We maximize the transfer opacity of your image by backing our transfers with solid white, ensuring that your image is true to color and stands out for all the right reasons. Our digital heat transfers produce the highest definition photo-quality images on the market. Our digital printers work with 1200 dpi and 266 lpi, ensuring that your transferred image looks as crisp and defined as it does in the digital file that you sent to us. Voila!

Dry, Eco-Friendly Process with Fast Short Runs Possible

Our process is entirely dry, meaning there is no need to use messy chemicals, inks, or solvents during the production process. This is incredibly eco-friendly and allows us to eliminate prep time and clean up, saving money and delivering the quickest turnaround possible. Our digital heat transfers are dry and fully cured upon application, making most orders immediately ready for shipment. Transfers for glass and ceramic products take a bit more time, but significantly less than outdated glass decoration methods. The best part? Unlike other printing methods, we can provide incredibly quick and cost-efficient short run printing options.

Variable Data-Friendly and Customizable

One of the greatest benefits of our digital heat transfer process is our ability to accommodate variable data. On the same roll of film you can customize different images to include individualized artwork, photographs, or color schemes. This is great option if your product line needs varying barcodes, numbers, QR codes, and more. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your roll of film meets all of your business and budgetary needs. If you are new to using heat transfers, we can connect you with transfer machine manufacturers whose machines will work perfectly with our heat transfers and your products.

Digital Heat Transfer Product Decoration with CDigital

Since 2001, CDigital has been an innovator in developing new systems and processes for using digital print technology to produce full-color digital heat transfers for the product decoration industry. Because we are both local and fully digital, we can turn jobs around faster and for less money than both overseas printers and local screen or pad printers.

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If you have any questions, please contact CDigital by calling 410-646-7800. For customers new to using heat transfers, Cdigital is happy to connect you with heat transfer equipment manufacturers whose machines will work best with our patented film. You can also follow CDigital on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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