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Decorate Office Supplies Fast Using Digital Heat Transfers

Friday, December 30th, 2016
Promotional Pens Digital Heat Transfers

Office supply product decoration is a wise choice for anyone who wants to strengthen their brand, brighten their image, and increase professionalism.

Countless people in this country spend day in and day out working in an office environment, using various types of supplies to get their jobs done. If you own a business, ask yourself this: Are your office supplies helping you spread brand awareness? If your answer is no, you are missing an invaluable opportunity to set your business apart by using digital heat transfers to decorate office supplies. CDigital is here to explain why you should go digital for office supply product decoration. (more…)

Office Supply Product Decoration Using Digital Heat Transfers

Monday, August 1st, 2016
office supply product decoration promotional pens

Custom business pens and markers add a personal touch to your business and exhibit a great deal of professionalism.

If you have to work in an office, there’s no harm in making your office supplies worth looking at. Office supplies don’t have to be bland, boring, or forgettable. In fact, you can actually drive business and promote your brand with office supply product decoration using digital heat transfers. Digital heat transfers are the perfect way to decorate your office supplies made of plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, or virtually any other type of material. Let us elaborate. (more…)