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Carbon Fiber Decoration

When you’re considering how to brand your carbon fiber product, you’ll have a number of image transfer methods to choose from. Screen printing is an option, but screen-printed images require significant set-up fees and require significant cure times, making it an impractical option for short runs. If you have a flat carbon fiber product to be decorated then you could also choose pad printing, but unless your logo is a single color, the process will be long, complex, and costly. For the most efficient, economical, and visually appealing solution, digital heat transfer is the ideal image transfer method for carbon fiber decoration. Whether you want to create a branded mousepad or a customized iPhone case, digital heat transfers are the best way to emblazon your product with a high-quality and vibrant image.

The Benefits of Digital Heat Transfers for Carbon Fiber Products

Digital heat transfers are the perfect method of carbon fiber decoration for many reasons, including:

Image quality
At CDigital, our digital heat transfers are printed in four colors plus white, meaning they can hit more than ten million different colors! In addition, all digital heat transfers are printed at 1200 dpi and 266 lines per inch, resulting in a photo-quality image that will make your product stand out from the rest of the competition on the shelf.

Affordable short runs
One of the biggest benefits of digital heat transfers for carbon fiver decoration is the fact that thanks to the lack of set-up costs, even short runs can be accommodated affordably. When manufacturers need to produce products on demand, it can be nearly impossible to find an overseas decorator who can accommodate short runs. With our facility that is conveniently located in Baltimore, MD, CDigital can handle runs of nearly any size.

Efficient set-up times
Digital heat transfers require very little initial set-up time thanks to the fully digitized process. After a client has sent us their artwork electronically, we will tweak it as necessary before sending it to one of our Xeikon-3030 digital printing presses.

By choosing CDigital for your digital heat transfer film needs, you’ll have industry professionals by your side. If you are new to digital heat transfers, we can connect you with manufacturers who provide the transfer equipment you will need to apply your film to your product. Since 2001, we have been perfecting our digital heat transfer film and techniques in order to provide the highest-quality product available on the market today. Call us today to learn more!

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