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Ceramic Decoration

For specialty mugs and commemorative plates, ceramic decoration using digital heat transfer is the most cost-efficient, flexible, and adaptive way to get your message out there. For multicolor digital transfers with a photo-quality finish, our process and equipment can meet your needs and your budget while also producing a beautiful finished product.

Ceramic decoration using digital heat transfers

Ceramic decoration using digital heat transfer is a process that uses dry heat to apply digitally printed decals to a product. Using pressure and dwell (time), the transfer will be permanently affixed to your material without the need for cure time. With 16 different adhesives, 9 different films, and 18 proprietary systems, CDigital can use digital heat transfers to apply your image to any type of material you desire.

Digital heat transfers offer many benefits over other traditional ceramic decoration methods, including:

  • No cure time because the process utilizes dry heat.
  • Images are computer-generated, which means that set-up is a faster and simpler process than other image transfer methods (Screen Printing vs. Digital Heat Transfer page).
  • Image quality is extremely high as digital heat transfers use four color printing.
  • Offers the possibility of variable data, meaning that you can incorporate different information on separate images rather than having to commit to a whole run of film with exactly the same image.
  • Short runs are economical, so you don’t have to commit to a large order at one time.
  • And much more!

Digital heat transfer is becoming more and more popular as manufacturers seek simple, efficient, and high-quality ways to decorate their ceramic products. However, digital image transferring is not only for ceramic products: We offer adhesives that will work on a variety of different materials, including plastic, metal, glass, and much more.

With the ability to house your artwork – including variable data - on our server, we are able to offer incredibly quick turnaround times. Thanks to our streamlined production process, we are often able to ship out your film the day after your order has been placed online.

Digital heat transfers from CDigital

CDigital is proud to offer digital heat transfer solutions that are economical, no matter the size of the run. CDigital utilizes cutting edge digital printing technology that allows us to offer cost-effective ceramic decoration solutions with quick turnaround times. In addition, we produce our product transfers right here in the USA in our facility that is located in Baltimore City.

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