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Digital Heat Transfers

Cdigital doesn't just provide optical media duplication and packaging. Since 2006, using the trade name Graffixx, Cdigital has provided top-quality digital heat transfers allowing businesses and consumers to digitally print labels and logos on products of virtually any shape and size in a dazzling array of colors. Particularly useful in applying custom labels to tapered, cylindrical, or unconventionally shaped products made of plastic, metal, or glass, our digital heat transfer process allows for quick production runs of orders large and small.

Features and Benefits

Cdigital's digital heat transfers come with a host of benefits standard labeling procedures simply can't provide. In addition to being ideal for shaped printing, our digital heat transfers can be used to apply full color labels to any kind if material ranging from glass to vinyl to rubber and everything in between. Our digital heat transfers come with guaranteed true color, in high definition 1200 dpi, and allow for barcode and variable data printing of any kind, and these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. The Process Our simple three-step process allows you to order as few or as many digital heat transfers as they need, so that you can quickly finish profitable, short order runs of products, or apply our digital heat transfers en masse to a shipment of thousands of items.

The Best in Technology and Training

Cdigital's digital heat transfer division has had a full-time chemist on our staff since its foundation. Through a combination of advanced chemical research and industry insight, Cdigital has developed 18 proprietary systems that incorporate 9 different films and 16 adhesives, which enable our digital transfers to decorate virtually any material. With the most advanced Xeikon printing technology at our disposal, our high-speed 1200 dpi presses employ special toners and developers to print vibrant, full color images. Our heat transfers also boast improved opacity, which guarantees that your image will look great on products of any color.

Fast Printing

In addition to providing full color heat transfers in economical runs, Cdigital is constantly working on improving our production times. We house over 2,200 separate artworks on our servers, meaning you only have to send a single email to have your order immediately printed. We also collaborate directly with your business's art department, to enable your orders to go directly to the presses, minimizing or completely eliminating processing time in our plant. Cdigital's patented heat transfer production process empowers you to economically decorate any and all of your products in full color quickly, and at minimal cost. If you're looking for a better way to keep your brand looking its best contact Cdigital today.

For customers new to using heat transfers, Cdigital is happy to connect you with heat transfer equipment manufacturers whose machines will work best with our patented film.