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Office Supply Product Decoration

From mousepads to welcome mats to pens, office supplies are the perfect canvas on which to put your business’s personal stamp. Whether you want to provide a giveaway at your next employee appreciation event or you’d like to start selling a line of unique and fun binders, office supply product decoration requires a decoration process that leaves vibrant, long-lasting, images. Digital heat transfer provides all of these benefits, plus economical short runs – a must when it comes to any type of promotional product.

With digital heat transfer, you can decorate virtually any material, including plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, and rubber. And because the process is entirely digital, each image in your run can contain variable data, allowing you to include unique identifiers such as barcodes or QR codes in your run.

Digital heat transfer is perfect for any type of office supplies, including:

  • Mousepads
  • Pens
  • Tape
  • Highlighters
  • Binders
  • And much more!

With digital heat transfer, you can decorate your office product with photo-quality images that will look vibrant, clear and beautiful. When you want your label or design to speak out to your customers, digital heat transfer is far and away the best image transfer method to use.

Trust CDigital for your digital heat transfer needs

At CDigital, digital heat transfers are all we do. Since 2001, we have provided digital heat transfer film that works for any type of product decoration. We have always kept a chemist on staff to help us develop new and innovative films, adhesives, and digital heat transfer solutions. We currently have 18 different proprietary systems which incorporate 16 types of adhesives and 9 different films. Because digital heat transfer does not require any associated set-up costs, it is affordable for runs of any size.

In addition to providing full-color heat transfers in economical runs, CDigital is constantly working to improve our production times. We house over 2,200 separate artworks on our servers, meaning you only have to send a single email to have your order quickly printed. We can also collaborate directly with your business's art department, to enable your orders to go directly to the presses, minimizing or completely eliminating processing time in our plant. CDigital's patented heat transfer production process empowers you to economically decorate any and all of your products in full color quickly, and at minimal cost. If you're looking for a better way to keep your brand looking its best, be sure to contact CDigital today to find out how we can make your office supplies stand out.

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