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Product Decoration with Digital Heat Transfers

Whether it's a souvenir shot glass or a tube of moisturizer, for manufacturers and ad specialty companies Product Decoration is the name of the game.

We, as human beings, are a very visual people. Every day, we make snap judgments of products based on little more than aesthetics - visual appeal. Sorry, mom! Turns out we do judge books by their covers. And we do it each and every day, because while beauty is only skin deep, it still plays a major role in our daily purchasing decisions. That is just how we are wired. Our eyes are naturally drawn to what the brain finds most appealing. Then, and only then, do we begin to consider factors like price and quality.

"The big idea here is that perceptual processes happen in the brain in parallel with economic value computations and thus influence how economic decisions are made," according to research conducted at the California Institute of Technology."

When it comes to product decoration, manufacturers and ad specialty companies have several options: pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping digital heat transfers, etc. Which makes the most sense for your product? Which makes the most sense for your business?

The Benefits of Digital Heat Transfers

High Quality Images

Digital heat transfers are printed at 1200 dpi and 266 lines per inch using four colors (plus white), producing fluid gradients and photographic quality labels. Digital heat transfers are able to hit over 10,000 colors.

Quick Set-up Times

Because digital heat transfers are…well, digital, they require very little set-up time. The client sends their artwork electronically where it can be tweaked if necessary, before being sent to a high speed digital printer. The transfers are then printed on polyester film, while the underside is coated with adhesive for the specific substrate. The film is then cut, rolled, and prepared to be shipped to the client.

Cost-Effective Short Runs

Manufacturers and ad specialty companies want the ability to produce products on demand. However, short run decorating is typically not possible with overseas companies, who require orders be placed in large quantities. Digital heat transfers, meanwhile, are economical, making short run decorating not only possible, but affordable.

Digital Heat Transfers from CDigital

Digital heat transfer from CDigital, formerly trademarked as Grafixx, are economical, making digital product decoration and short run decorating not only possible, but affordable. Our print technology is by far the most cost effective multicolor print solution on the market. Plus, because we are fully digital we can turn the jobs as fast as any local printer.

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