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Promotional Product Decoration

Whether you are planning on putting your logo onto a run of promotional water bottles or you want to create plastic cups to commemorate an event, digital heat transfer is the ideal way to ensure that your promotional product looks great and is made to last without flaking, peeling, or cracking. Digital heat transfer has many advantages over alternative decoration methods when it comes to promotional products, but perhaps the biggest one is the ability to produce economical short runs. Because the printing process is digital, you can affordably produce short runs of nearly any promotional product, even when utilizing variable data.

Digital heat transfer is the best printing solution for your promotional products

Digital heat transfer offers many benefits that other forms of printing simply cannot match, including:

  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike some other printing methods (screen printing page) which rely on caustic chemicals and toxic inks, digital heat transfer simply uses heat, pressure, and time to affix your image to the desired plastic product.
  • Durable. The last thing you want is to provide your clients or customers with a promotional plastic cup, only to have your logo flake off the first time they try to wash it. While some image transfer methods can’t withstand everyday wear and tear, digital heat transfer can handle being thrown in the dishwasher or washing machine!
  • High-quality images. If you want your brand to stick out in the minds of your clients, you need to make sure your logo and imaging is clear, vibrant, and stands out. Digital heat transfer uses photo-quality images that will look great on any promotional product.
  • Short runs. Planning a small run? No problem! Digital heat transfers can accommodate runs of any size and even smaller orders are affordable and cost-efficient.
  • Variable data. If you would like to vary the information that is contained within your image without running huge orders of each, digital image transfer is the ideal solution. Every image can be customized with unique data so that you can run a number of different UPCs or QR codes.
  • Dry process. The digital heat transfer method is completely dry, which eliminates set up and curing times. This means turnaround times are incredibly fast and we can often have your film in the mail the day after your order is placed.

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At CDigital, all of our transfers are produced in the USA at our facility outside of Baltimore, MD. We offer unique solutions for cost-effective runs of any size.

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