sporting goods decoration on a thermos from digital heat transfer

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Sporting Goods Decoration

From Frisbees to footballs, sporting goods decoration is the perfect way to get your logo, company name, or slogan on an item that customers will love. And digital heat transfer is the ideal image transfer method for affixing your image to virtually any kind of sporting goods.

When it comes to sporting goods decoration, your imagination can truly run wild when you choose digital heat transfer, thanks to the full-color digital process of printing on film. And with 15 years of experience in the industry, CDigital is your perfect partner for bringing your ideas to life.

How can I use digital heat transfer for sporting goods decoration?
No matter what type of sporting goods you’d like to decorate, CDigital can provide film that will look great and offer long-lasting durability. Whether the sporting goods you’d like to decorate are plastic, metal, or virtually any other type of material, we have the right solutions. Our 18 proprietary systems utilize 9 different types of films and 16 different adhesives, which allows us to create film for any project you can imagine. Thanks to our ability to house your artwork – including variable data - on our server, we can respond to orders quickly and our turnaround times are often within 24 hours. We can also work directly with your art department to allow your design to bypass the processing step and take your order straight to print. We work with our clients to come up with customized solutions for their needs in order to meet your needs efficiently and affordably.

The CDigital difference
When it comes to sporting goods decoration, you’ll have a few options for how to decorate your goods. Only digital heat transfer can provide photo-quality images for virtually any type of material at an affordable price point, even for short runs. At CDigital, we have been providing digital heat transfer film since 2001 and we have extensive experience in the industry. In fact, digital heat transfer is all we do!

If you are new to product decoration, we can provide guidance on how to choose the right type of transfer equipment and connect you with a manufacturer who offers the right kind of machine for your needs. Our goal is to provide simple and streamlined ordering combined with lightning fast turnaround times so that your digital film will be ready for your product decoration needs in the blink of an eye. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal and we would be happy to bring your next product to life with our superior product decoration solutions!

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