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How it Works

Producing your Transfer Order

Once we've received and finalized your design, we send it to our high speed digital printer. A five-color dry toner image is printed on the underside of a polyester film. The film is then coated with an adhesive formulated to adhere to your product. Next, the film is sized to client specifications, wound on cores, and shipped directly to you.


Transfer Application

When you receive your roll of digital heat transfers, the printed roll is loaded onto a heat transfer machine. The operator sets the machine at specific application parameters for the blank part and loads the part onto a nesting fixture either manually or via an automated parts handling system. The imaged film will advance under a heated silicone decorating head and over the part, at which point the head applies heat and pressure causing the transfer of the image from the film onto the blank part.



Finishing Touches

The decorated parts are dry and are ready to be packaged almost immediately after application. Glass and ceramic products, however, will require a post bake after application. In most cases, the machine operator can pack the product for shipment or an automated system can be integrated to make decoration and packing your final product hands free.

The CDigital process takes the printing out of your plant, leaving your personnel with the automated application of brilliant full color designs to your products in one transfer step.

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