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Custom Product Decoration

Digital heat transfer provides the ideal image transfer solution to customize virtually any type of product. Particularly useful in applying custom labels to tapered, cylindrical, or unconventionally shaped products made of plastic, metal, or glass, our digital heat transfer process allows for quick production runs of orders large and small. No matter the needs and constraints of your custom product decoration project, digital heat transfer will be the ideal way to brand your product with your label, logo, or image.

At CDigital, digital heat transfer is all we do. Our years of experience with digital heat transfers have allowed us to gain the experience needed to provide top-quality image transfer film at an affordable price point and according to a reliable and efficient timetable. We are so committed to reducing turnaround times that we are often able to ship out orders the day after they have been placed! In certain situations, we can also work directly with the art department at your company and bypass processing entirely, allowing your run to go straight to print.

Why digital heat transfer is best for custom product decoration
There are many reasons why digital heat transfer is the ideal image transfer solution. First, it is incredibly economical. Because creating digital transfer film requires no set-up costs, we are able to offer low minimums and runs of any size are affordable.

Digital heat transfers are also customizable. Our digital technology allows us to include variable data, meaning each and every image you print can be unique. Whether you want to feature a barcode, batch number, or QR code in your design, variable data will allow you to better track purchases and determine the popularity of your product.

Perhaps most importantly, digital heat transfers look great. Our film is printed on high speed 1200 dpi, 266 lpi presses that employ state-of-the-art toners and developers, which creates vibrant full-color images quickly and economically. Even better, the opacity has improved so that the image looks great on products of any color, including transparent glass and plastic.

If you are new to digital image transfers, we can help you find a manufacturer that provides the transfer equipment you will need to affix your film to your product. Over our years in the business, we have become familiar with many of the manufacturers that offer hot stamp transfer equipment that is needed to transfer our film to products. We are more than happy to provide you with their contact information and we can even work with the manufacturer that you choose in order to ensure that the machines they deliver will be compatible with CDigital’s film.

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