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Substrates include:

Cosmetic tubes
Composite clay
Paper Coasters
Corrugated Paper
Hard Rubber
MDF (Masonite)
Foils and Holograms
Lacquers and paints

Why CDigital?

True Process Color

Our presses use four colors plus white to print heat transfers with quality similar to that of a fine glossy magazine, with an astounding range of colors. Spanning virtually the entirety of the visual spectrum, we can print complex, multicolor images with ease. Backing our heat transfers with solid white maximizes transfer opacity, keeping our colors true regardless of the color of the material they will be printed on.


High Definition Images

Our digital printers use a series of tiny dots and lines of color to create an image. The more dots and lines per square inch, the better the quality of the image. With 1200 dpi and 266 lpi, CDigital's digital heat transfers are truly photographic quality, ensuring that our printed and transferred image looks as crisp and clear as physically possible.


Completely Dry, Quick Printing

With other decorating technologies, inks need to dry, solvents must be flamed off, or other curing processes need to take place, costing you time and money. Heat transfers from CDigital are dry and fully cured upon application making any plastic, and most metal products, instantly ready for shipment. Glass and ceramics will need some low temperature drying, but the process is much shorter than it would be with any other decorating method. Equally important, our digital heat transfers apply cleanly leaving no residue on the transfer equipment, making sure it's ready for the next job without needing to be cleaned or serviced.


Total Customization and Variable Data

Our heat transfers are completely digital which gives us the capacity to make every single image in a print run different. This includes individualized artwork, photographs, and color schemes. Each image can also include a number, a barcode, or QR code allowing you to track the purchase data on every single product.


Cost effective, fast turn, short run

The cost of setting up a traditional print run makes small quantity multicolor printing inefficient and cost-prohibitive. Operating with the mentality of a photocopier, our printers faithfully reproduce multicolor designs of varying shapes – no screens, no dyes or other traditional set up costs. We're built to handle a high volume of short runs and often gang many artworks from one or more customers to make a long run. This enables us to make each short run fast and incredibly cost efficient.



Our digital transfers can be applied using a large selection of conventional hot stamp and heat transfer equipment. For customers new to using transfers, we're more than happy to connect you with transfer machine manufacturers whose machines will work perfectly with our heat transfers and your products.


Environmentally friendly

CDigital's heat transfers are multicolor, yet "green" all over. The coatings, adhesives, and toners used to produce our transfers have no ecological impact and our transfers are CA Prop. 65 and CPSIA compliant. They are also approved by the FDA indirect (dry food) use. Our digital heat transfers can help keep your business green, too. Since the transfer machine process is a clean one, there is no need need for cleanup with solvents or ecologically damaging chemicals.


Contact Cdigital today to bring all of these features and benefits to your product decoration program.