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Glass Decoration

For many years, high fire decals were the method of choice for decorating glass. In fact, until recently no alternatives existed. While high fire decals got the job done, they also came with drawbacks: Glass products had to be fired for 30 minutes at extremely high temperature and this process came with significant concerns of lead contamination. Low fire decals came on the scene next, and although they required shorter bake times at slightly lower temperatures, the process was still inefficient and hazardous. Ad specialty companies and manufacturers of glass products had to deal with the drawbacks until a much better solution finally came onto the scene: Digital heat transfers.

Digital heat transfers are the ideal solution for glass decoration
No matter what type of glass product you are decorating, digital heat transfers can get the job done economically and beautifully. Digital heat transfers offer many benefits that old glass decoration methods simply cannot match including:

Low bake temperatures
Digital heat transfers need only be baked at 250° which is a huge improvement over both high fire and low fire decals.

Stunning range of colors
Digital heat transfers are printed in four colors plus white, which creates a stunning array of more than 10,000,000 unique colors. Because transfers are printed at 1200 dpi and 266 lines per inch, images are rendered with a photo-quality finish, ensuring that your glass decoration looks eye-catching and vibrant.

Affordable short runs
When you want to manufacture on-demand, high and low fire decals are unable to accommodate. In contrast, digital heat transfers require zero set-up costs and are an economical option even for limited runs.

Variable data
Whether you want to include a barcode, batch number, unique text, or QR code, digital heat transfers make it possible to add variable data to your glass product decoration. Whereas old methods of glass decoration could only accommodate the creation of one single image, digital heat transfers can create images that are each unique and you can even include multiple images in the same run.

If you are decorating a glass that will be washed, then durability will be a major concern. After all, you don’t want the label on your glass bottle to deteriorate after going through a dishwasher cycle. Digital heat transfers can withstand the high heat of a dishwasher and they can handle multiple washes without degrading in quality.

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