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Metal Decoration

Over the years, the process of metal decoration has improved considerably. Traditionally, the process involved forming shapes, such as cylinders for aluminum cans, out of sheets of metal that had been pre-printed with the necessary information. While the process is efficient and affordable for large runs, the main drawback is that it is unable to accommodate short runs. For ad specialty companies and manufacturers that require a short run solution that offers quality and affordability, digital heat transfers are the ideal solution.

Metal decoration using digital heat transfers
For limited runs, digital heat transfers are the perfect image transfer method that will allow you to transfer your logo or copy directly to your metal product. Using pressure, heat, and time, digital heat transfers permanently affix to your metal product and your image will be rendered beautifully in stunning color and with a photo-quality finish.

The benefits of digital heat transfers for metal decoration are many and include:

  1. 1. Affordable short runs. For on-demand metal decoration, digital heat transfer is the only option.
  2. Variable data. If you’d like to include unique identifiers into your label, digital heat transfers can make it happen. In fact, every image in your run can be made unique with information such as batch numbers, QR codes, copy, or barcodes.
  3. Photo-quality finish. All digital heat transfers are printed in four colors plus white, rendering a gorgeous, high-quality image that will make your logo stand out.
  4. Dry process. Because digital heat transfers utilize a dry process, they require no cure times and your product will be ready for shipment as soon as the label has been applied.

Trust CDigital for your metal decoration needs
Since 2001, CDigital has been providing high-quality digital heat transfer film to ad specialty companies and manufacturers who require an economical metal product decoration solution. From plastic sporting goods to promotional products, CDigital can create the right film for your needs and materials. With 18 different proprietary systems that use 9 different types of films and 16 adhesives, our digital heat transfer solutions are ideal for virtually all product decoration projects.

We are committed to providing the fastest turnaround times possible, and often we will have your film in the mail within 24 hours of your order being placed. We have the ability to house your artwork – including variable data - on our server, so that your order can be processed quickly and efficiently. In addition, we can often work with your company’s art department and bypass processing completely so that your order goes straight to print.

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