digital heat transfers for plastic decoration

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Plastic Decoration

When manufacturers and advertising specialty companies need plastic decoration, the decoration method they choose can make all the difference in the quality and cost of their product. Whether plastic decoration is needed for branded Frisbees, cups, souvenir water bottles, pens, or virtually any other plastic product, digital heat transfer is far and away the highest-quality, most cost-effective, and efficient image transfer method. While methods such as pad printing, screen printing, and hot stamping are options, the benefits of digital heat transfers make these methods pale in comparison. With CDigital, your plastic decoration project will be streamlined, simple, and cost-efficient.

We have 18 proprietary digital heat transfer systems which utilize 16 different adhesives and 9 unique types of films. This allows us to decorate virtually any kind of material. Since 2001, we have been providing ideal plastic decoration solutions from our facility located in Baltimore, MD.

Benefits of digital heat transfers for plastic decoration
When it comes to plastic decoration, digital heat transfers make the process affordable and efficient. Using heat and pressure, digital heat transfers allow you to apply your pre-printed, full-color digital graphic to the surface of any plastic product. It’s not hard to understand why digital heat transfers are one of the most popular methods for plastic decoration. The benefits include:

  • Dry process that requires no cure time. When your plastic product is printed, it’s ready to ship!
  • Affordable option for runs of any size. Because digital heat transfers don’t require set-up costs, CDigital can accommodate short runs economically.
  • Full-color printing. For a photo-quality finish, digital heat transfers are the only choice. All transfers are printed in four colors plus white, resulting in a spectrum of over ten million colors.
  • Durable film can withstand the high heats of a dishwasher, which is an especially important consideration if you are decorating plastic drinkware.

Thanks to all of these benefits, it is not hard to understand why more and more businesses are converting to digital heat transfer for their plastic decoration needs.

Trust CDigital for your digital heat transfer needs
CDigital has been providing digital heat transfer film since 2001. With our many years of experience, we have built relationships with many manufacturers of transfer equipment. If you are new to digital heat transfers, we can connect you with a supplier of the machinery you will need to transfer our film to your plastic product. For any and all of your product decoration needs, CDigital is the best and only choice!

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