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Spirit and Commercial Glass Bottle Decoration

When it comes to marketing wine, beer, and liquor, a good label can make all of the difference. It may sound shallow, but humans are visual creatures and sometimes a good label is all it takes to entice a new customer to give your brand a try. This means that you need to invest in labeling that will meet your spirit and commercial glass bottle decoration needs by creating a beautiful, eye-catching label that adheres securely to your glass bottle. The last thing you want is a label whose colors bleed or that begins to degrade before it’s even hit the shelves. This is where digital heat transfer comes in.

Digital heat transfer: The best solution for glass bottle decoration
Digital heat transfer is affordable, efficient, and will produce photo-quality images that will make your bottles stand out on the shelf. In short, it is the ideal solution for spirit and commercial glass bottle decoration for many reasons. At CDigital, we have been offering digital heat transfer film since 2001 and our proprietary systems allow us to provide decorations for virtually any material, including plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, and more. Since the beginning, we have had a chemist on staff which has allowed us to develop 18 proprietary heat transfer systems. These systems utilize 9 types of adhesives and more than a dozen different types of films, which allows us to provide a solution for virtually any type of product.

Whether you want to decorate thousands of spirit bottles or want to begin with a limited run, we can meet your needs. We purposely keep our order minimums low so that we can process orders of almost any size. In addition, because our system is entirely digital, we can include variable information in your order which allows you to customize your commercial glass bottle decoration with unique identifiers such as barcodes, batch numbers, and QR codes. Because digital heat transfer requires no set-up cost, your labels will be printed affordably even if you are completing a small run. Our quick turnaround times on all orders mean we can often have your film in the mail within 24 hours after you have completed your order!

If you are new to digital image transfer, we are ready to help. Thanks to our strong network of industry partners, we can connect you with a manufacturer who offers the equipment you’ll need to affix your film to your product. Contact us today to learn more about how digital heat transfer can help your glass spirit bottles stand out from the competition!

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