What Consumers Look for in a Product

Consumers Products

Do you know what consumers are looking for?

Companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out what consumers look for in a product, but it’s actual quite simple to figure out what they want.

While marketing is necessary to help showcase a new item, customers are becoming less persuadable in advertising that just tries to sell a product. When a company identifies what customers look for, then it can successful fulfill a customer’s needs.

Consumers Look for Uniqueness and Individuality

When products became more homogenized and less unique, Americans began to crave products that not only fit their needs, but expressed their individuality.

Thanks to technology such as digital heat transfers, products are now able to increasingly express uniqueness. Whether you want a coffee cup that has the logo of your favorite football team or a personalized pen, a customer now has more options than ever. If a company doesn’t offer what a consumer looks for, then a consumer will find a company that does meet their needs.

Creating unique products is also a way to generate free word of mouth, which is one of the best practices to promote any business.

Consumers Care About Design

First impressions are crucial, and a consumer possesses an incredible attention to detail when it comes to the design of any product.

Consumers want to feel that there was some artistry involved in the design of a product they plan on purchasing, and any design needs to include a pleasing aesthetic presence.  A consumer needs to envision that they will use the product, and if the design lacks functionality or the proper aesthetic presence, then the consumer will look for a more ideal fit.

Design is one of the biggest reasons why some products make it and other products disappear, and highlighting the right design elements will provide the connection a consumer needs to establish with a brand and a product.

Consumers Look for Products that Fill a Need

One of the most simple but overlooked concepts of consumer product purchasing, is how well does the product fill the need of the prospective consumer?

After aesthetics and uniqueness are taken into account, what a consumer looks for is a product that will fix an exact problem or fill a very specific need. A product can falter if a company thinks it is what a consumer wants, rather than researching if it is a product that a consumer actually wants and needs.

At the end of the day, what a consumer values is design, uniqueness and usability.

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