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Why Choose CDigital for Your Digital Heat Transfer Needs?

Here at CDigital, we take the printing and product decoration industry very seriously. We hold our expert staff to a high standard of excellence to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with your digital heat transfer order. Digital heat transfers are the… Read More

Holiday Promotional Products for Your Business Made Easy

The holiday season is upon us! Now is the perfect time to put your business on the radar of your soon-to-be customers. Holiday promotional products are a great way to boost brand awareness and express your gratitude to your employees and… Read More

Short Run Printing Benefits of Digital Heat Transfers

One of the greatest benefits digital heat transfer technology holds for any manufacturer or ad specialty company is the ability to accommodate short run printing. Short run printing makes it possible to produce smaller, customized quantities of a product in… Read More

Give Thanks for a Fast, Affordable Way to Decorate Plastic

Tis’ the season of showing gratitude. Are you wondering what you have to be thankful for? We know, we know… friends and family first! But what about an affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient way to decorate plastic? It exists, and it… Read More

Restaurant Glassware Decoration Using Digital Heat Transfers

Think about the last time you went to a restaurant. Did the glassware or plastic cups stand out to you in any way? Without decoration or branding, restaurant glassware and similar items tend to appear fairly basic and uninteresting. If… Read More

Product Decoration Inspiration Using Digital Heat Transfers

If the digital heat transfer process is fairly new to you, you may be wondering, “What in the world could I decorate using digital heat transfers?” Don’t fret, the expert staff at CDigital is here to shed some light on… Read More

What Types of Substrates are Ideal for Digital Heat Transfers?

If you have been keeping up with our CDigital blog, then you know by now that our digital heat transfer process is ideal for decorating virtually any substrate. Just in case you needed some more clarification, we are here to… Read More

Medical Product Decoration Using Digital Heat Transfers

When you are sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen, it is natural for your eyes to scan the various medical products in the room. Whether you are looking at instruments hanging on the wall or collection bins… Read More

Need a Fall Project? Promote Your Business Using Digital Heat Transfers!

Are you in the market for a fall project to keep you busy this season? Has crafting a logo for your brand or business been on your to-do list for way too long now? It’s time to step up and… Read More

Affordable Ceramic Decoration Using Digital Heat Transfers

Fall is officially upon us! Temperatures are already dropping, and before you know it, you’ll be reaching for your favorite ceramic mug to warm up with hot chocolate or coffee nearly every day. If you are a business or brand… Read More